We project the world of fear or the world of love

We can't hate and love simultaneously; we can't project totally opposite worlds simultaneously. We project the world of fear or the world of love. ACIM

One of the best pieces of advice I have received is that I cannot doubt and believe at the same time! It’s one or the other, you either doubt or you believe, you can’t have a little bit of doubt and expect “it” to happen! You must believe and that means all the way, full tilt, full out! Part of that involves letting go of how you think it ought to be and looking at the big picture! I always remember this with everything I do and now the Course in Miracles takes it even further by suggesting that we either project fear or love to the world!

This was cemented to me today at a meeting with one of our major donors, we were convinced that we were not living up to their expectations, that we were wanting in the Gender training and outcomes, that our reputation would be ruined and out of that projection of fear we contacted them and asked for a way out, they were baffled! What’s going on? What’s happening? The women are testifying about the improvements not only on their farm but in their overall lives!


Yes really?

All because of our fear of losing face and reputation!

 So what did I learn today

Believe in yourself and act in love NOT in fear!


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