Your beautiful rightness!

The only motivation that brings lasting change is self love. When I love and accept myself I want to treat myself well and be as healthy as I can be, and only then do I have the freedom to detoxify from whatever has been subjugating my will. When it comes to being motivated by self love to make changes in life there are no “I must” or “I should” in your vocabulary, the key phrase is always “I want to make this change for me”

Making a change for yourself rather than to please others or to please your internal narrators makes all the difference between creating lasting change vs. a temporary illusion. Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Miguel Ruiz’s new book is the truth! The Five attachments! It breaks it all down so simply about self love! How we get attached to things and people to define our self and our worth. Basically, his take is if you are doing things for other people then the change will be temporary. I can so identify with what he is saying! Change really has to come from within to be or to have a lasting effect!  People change their mind all the time, you may do something for someone else and then they change their mind and now you’re pissed off, or you’re wondering hell what’s the point!

So what did I learn today?

People, places and things come and go but there is nothing outside of you that can change or alter your beautiful rightness


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