It is possible for ANYBODY to wake up and do better!

You don’t have to hold yourself hostage for who you used to be or anything you ever used to do. Everyone has made mistakes. Don’t hold yourself hostage for who you’ve been or what you’ve done.

Negativity has energy too. Be aware of that in your life. You do not have to stay in the place of negativity. You can walk away from that energy. Don’t let people who put off negativity in the world attach to you…Don’t be a part of letting that kind of energy have power in the world. There is a force of dark energy in the world. Don’t be a part of it. It is possible for ANYBODY to wake up and do better. Oprah

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday I told her I don’t want to be a fool ever again, she told me listen to the things I talk about and “stop playing d arse” In Trini lingo that means act like you know! I laughed but you know she was absolutely spot on and right like rain!

I admit it, I beat up on myself for decisions that I make when things are either challenging or I don’t get my way or if it looks different to what I anticipated it to be! I have to keep reminding myself that all things are lessons that God will have me learn and mistakes are portals of discovery! It’s a process!

 So what did I learn today?

I can choose to arrange things in a fearful, egoic way, or I can choose to arrange things in a loving and joyful way. When I choose love and joy, I align with the greatest and highest good and begin to express my unique creative perspective while at the same time feeling a oneness with everyone else.  Life is always in session, show up ready!



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