New Looking Lizards

Some lizards can kill you! Yesterday the action was high on the base, a beautiful looking colourful lizard decided that we were in his territory and paid a visit. As soon as one of them in the yard saw the lizard I have never heard such a ruckus on site, it was just about to bite one of the ladies, they were screaming and hollering and then finally they killed the thing. I stood there quiet, watching the scenes. Madam this lizard bites you and you are finished in 30 minutes. Finished? Yes Madam dead, gone, 30 minutes and you are dead, don’t waste time, kill on sight! Worked stopped they told tales of the lizard what it did who it killed and who killed it until 6pm!

So what did I learn today?

Stay away from the red and purple lizards in Uganda, it will finish you!!



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