North Winds!

You can always create great value in the world by allowing the value within you to be fully expressed. Ralph Marston

Made the eight hour trip up North (I have never seen a highway in Uganda!) The trip becomes longer due to the state of the roads, some parts are not tarmac, the numerous police posts and stops and passing through the towns, it is mandated that one drives at 30km if not there will be the police there waiting for you smiling!!
The base that I stay at was the first business after the war ended and up to now is still guarded by the army. It is in literally in the middle of the bush, that's all you see for miles! When the training ends I was there with the army guards, all the people left to go to their various villages!
I decided to venture into town to use the Internet, that's just how it is around those part, town was buzzing with people and boda bodas, noise and music! The place looked like someone ate in 1980 and then spit it back out in 2013! put on pause! Wars eh!!!

Back at base they ask me Madam, do you want a cup of tea? Yes please! they bring the tea, I say all eager “ wow you guys grow tea here as well?” dead silence! Then someone said if we don’t grow it we don’t eat it! What do you grow on your la...nd? Amm nuttin! More dead silence then someone asked, so where do you get your food then? I buy it from the supermarket! Now there is hysterical laughter! The supermarket madam? They start talking in their language then one of them asked me do they sell fresh food in the supermarket? No not everything is fresh? So you people don’t eat fresh food and don’t grow your own food? What’s the land used for then? The laughter went on for five minutes.



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