It doesn’t interest me where or what or with whom you have studied. I want to know what sustains you from the inside when all else falls away, The Invitation By Oriah

Being in Uganda has changed my perspective on quite a number of things, things I thought were important, that were necessary has now taken on a whole other view. I now treasure things like having a life purpose, doing my best in every circumstance, acting out of love rather than fear, desire and feelings. Those things before were there in my mind but were rather secondary if I am completely honest, in fact some of them did not exist!

Now, they are most prominent and its all about a change in perception. Deborah L Johnson spoke about perspective and sums it up in this way “Everything is perception, everything is what you see, it’s your story, it’s what you see! The exact same thing can happen to someone else and it’s a different story, you can’t go back and change the facts but when you go back and change the perception the perspective changes, the story changes. Sometimes it’s just about changing the perception”

So my story, my perception, my perspective has altered, I have a new story now! And maybe I did not need to travel all over the world to have the story changed, maybe the story can change right where you are because what I have learnt is that a change of mind brings about a change of life

What’s your story? Same old one?



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