Power Cuts and Rest!

"All I have is all I need and all I need is all I have in this moment.” Byron Katie
I love Byron Katie’s work, why? To me it is simple and makes a lot of sense, when I am getting frustrated at things here I remember her experiences as she writes about them in her many books. When you argue with reality, you suffer

Yesterday I stayed on base all day, just had a quick snack and left to take a run. After the run I got home, as I was stepping out of the shower, the electricity and water was cut off! I uttered a loud and huge sigh! Not again! I’m starving, I have some work to finish maybe I want to watch some TV before bed! What sort of Government would allow electricity to be so hit and miss? All the complaints and reactions came flooding to the surface.

I found the only charged lamp left in the flat – Note to self, charge all the lamps please!

Then I sat on the bed to wait for the lamp to charge, just as it lit up as on cue there were my books staring at me, Byron Katie! It came to my mind, when you argue with reality you suffer, acceptance of what is and move on! I laughed out really loud and said wow Universe, you’re awesome. Go to bed and maybe that is what is needed after the week you have had, all I have right now is all I need!

Get with the programme, electricity and water are things that come and go regularly here in Kampala, be prepared for it, complaining about it to yourself will not change the reality!

Had one of the best nights rest in weeks!



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