To pay attention that is our endless and proper work

To pay attention that is our endless and proper work. So on Monday’s we bring the week together and brainstorm how to make this project the best it can be and sometimes the sessions gets really heated! Fireworks go off, I was expecting extra booms and blast this morning given what happened during the week.  We made preparations to open a retail shop in the middle of town, met with the landlord, saw the place and secured a six month lease which would have allowed us to see if it was a good idea!  Time arrived for us to make the payment and the landlord said bring the cash at 2pm on Wednesday to our new shop! Yipppee!!! Walk with a million cash (their monopoly money), got there and paid the money (it’s a cash economy here so walking with cash wasn’t a red flag per se) and the landlord said wait here he’s going to get the receipt, well we are still waiting!  The place is now occupied with someone else, his phone is disconnected and he’s nowhere to be found! Ok so who’s going to buss the news that we lost a million? Hmm

Welcome to doing business in Uganda madam!
So what did I learn today?
Part of the journey is learning your own lessons and making your own mistakes, sometimes the best thing you can do or the most loving thing you can do is let people make their own mistakes Life moves. Life does not stop. Life changes on a whim and throws you off course sometimes. Your goal is not to stop life from happening, but to remain calm and centered as the seeming chaos happens around you. As you get calm and grow trust you can now make better decisions. So Madam smart woman who went to University how are you getting back this million? What does the text book say to do? I say to you Keep on learning and pay attention!  Then the fireworks went off!



  1. This is something Ako! Could it be that he was just posing as the owner?

    Did you have any talks with the new occupant to confirm if they pay rent to the same guy that you met? if so, maybe you could get some new contact info & an address for him & then set the police on the little scoundrel!

    No matter where in the world we go, these con- artists are

  2. Yes he was indeed a poser, was neither the landlord nor had anything to do with the building! They are everywhere!


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