Give it, Be it!

I am not looking for anything in this world, although I so often think I am. I am looking for something I already have, but have denied. And the way to find it is to give it. To be it. ACIM

The adventure continued! I ended up in the hospital, somehow the pain was just too much and I was unable to eat for a couple of days. They did a battery of tests on me, I kept the visualization and positive vibes as high as possible. I mentioned to them I rarely go to doctors as I am allergic to almost every bit of medication that I know. In the evening they told me we rule out malaria. About an hour later, they say good news you have ear and throat infection which caused the fever and the pain, you can go home lets just give you this medication for the pain, and to reduce the bacteria in your throat, they give me, about twenty minutes later I am swollen up all over OMG, I was allergic to the medication! So the frenzy begun! they rush around then come back to me. Sorry you cannot take these drugs but the good news is we can treat it and you can go home tonight! Yayy for good news!
So now I am in less pain in my ears and throat, my fever is gone but I look like the Pills Dough boy and pain in  my face! Balance!!
They give me a shot in my bum, it was a good job I couldnt scream or else trust me I would!
By 9pm after an adventurous day I got home to my own bed with the advice, "Edwards, you have to go natural"
The swelling is now going down
The adventure continues
So what did I learn today?
Stay away from the medication, natural all the way!


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