Be an innovator

creativity is thinking up new things.

Innovation is doing new things. 

Therefore, be not only a creator, but an innovator.

Put your new ideas into motion. Place them not just

on paper, but on the ground. 

Ah, yes, now you have done something (Neale Donald Walsh)

Putting ideas to motion can be scary but I believe that being scared to implement something new is ok. It is how you know that you are moving outside of your comfort zone. If it doesn’t scare the living daylights out of you, that dream is comfortable, too small!

The Universe will not put a dream in you and not give you the tools, I have learnt that, it is really up to you to do the rest. Many times we take the easy way out then start moaning about how the conditions weren’t right, the economy thins, the people who I work with were so and so, the money wasn’t there, the timing was off, all sorts of excuses in the name of fear!

Fear and facts will trip you up!!


So what did I learn today?

Just do it, whatever happens you will get feedback, and you will move on, learn something and it always works out as it should! Simple really!! Peace!!


  1. This comment really hits deep. Sometimes there are new tasks that you can envision doing & you have a passion for a particular field, but because you have never actually done that specific task before, there is this fear to make a start.

    If the task done properly, it could visually help an individual, but you could also flop big time and this failure would be glaring evident. I've been giving myself a pep talk recently, that I just need to make a start already!!!

    Worst case will be a learning experience...& this must show ways in which the process can be improved the next time around..and there are always persons around that can give a helping hand!

  2. Just do it! everything is feedback! however it turns out you will be alright! there is never a perfect moment, as Deepak Chopra says forget everything and know that now is the moment that never ends
    Let me know how it goes!


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