The Simple Life

Sacred Truth #7: Live in the present moment.- Unknown

Being at the Source of the Nile was almost spiritual, you get onto this boat and you travel on the river for about half hour and then you come upon area in the middle of the river where the water is bubbling and boiling almost and you’re there! Two feet away you are on Lake Victoria and the water suddenly get calm again!

Ok ok, I chickened out on the white water rafting! I saw the rapids and the water and I said hmm I am feeling the fear and not doing it anyway, I think here fear was making sense saying to me this looks dangerous. My guest felt the same way, he says UH UH no, not this time the water looks really tough today! So we enjoyed the day out, ate fresh fish went through the village and learned about people’s lives where material possessions are non-existent! The village was basic, there were animals, fresh food, fresh fish and family life, the visitor said to me wow they all look so happy and there's no electricity, cable TV and other things we know and work so hard for in the West.

So what did I learn today?

Simplicity is beautiful!




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