Profess it out loud

Your mindset—what you think about, repeat to yourself, and profess out loud—will become your reality. (Lisa Nicols, author)

OK so I am trying out this what you think about philosophy this week in particular with my health! I returned from the  Northern bush  of Uganda and I've been flat out in bed all week! I keep visualizing myself being well and keeping the self talk positive. I wake up to post my blog, of course!! and then it's back to bed for me. Tomorrow I am visualizing myself at the doctor getting some good news and a clean bill of health! In hindsight that trip is really very taxing so the lesson is to be prepared, vitamins, fluids and most important, use the bloody mosquito nets! I will admit I was playing the hero, I said wow this time around the bugs have gone and tossed the net aside with a loud laugh! Now I know better!

The best visualization so far is me on a beach eating some of my mama's home cooked fish! Yea I know that one is for the future right? One can always dream!!

Have a great week everyone!


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