Life wants you to win

When you transcend circumstances you get special privileges. You get evidence that you are indeed amazing, and irrefutable proof that what your heart and mind choose is what matters. And you get the deep knowing that life wants you to win. Danielle La Porte

The life up North is changing, and in my mind it is changing mainly due to the attitudes on the people up there! They want to rise, they want to make a change, they want to use what happened to them not as a crutch and reason to complain but as a springboard to something better, almost as a lesson! I think it is so awesome! I am so inspired by it that I have embraced this in my own life! Can you imagine having your child abducted and used as a soldier? Can you imagine seeing your family beaten burnt and killed? Can you imagine walking for days maybe with bruises or a gunshot wound? These are the normal stories and then I come with one like the bank is not bending on me falling back on my mortgage, I have to sell my house! I am not discounting my problems but I realised that feeling sorry for myself is a complete and utter waste of time! Do something! Transcend the circumstance, know that life wants you to win, get the lesson and get out the mess! While I was in the bush I got the email on the phone from the bank and I was in a sour mood, I was thinking to myself ok what have I worked hard most of my life for and now I have nothing to prove it! Then I went out and had a session with the ladies and I was like hold up! Hold up just a hot minute! This is your choice; you decided to make these decisions so please! Get the lesson and get out the mess!

So what did I learn today?

Choose to rise, the Universe is a miracle making machine and it works in your favour when you choose an attitude of everything is a something that you have to learn or unlearn


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