Adventure awaits

And what's the alternative to being authentically strong, vulnerable, powerful, tender, loving, genius, courageous, bold, and devoted? Being fake strong (weak); fake vulnerable (and that is just deceptive); being fake powerful (which would make you arrogant); fake tender (nasty); fake loving (not always a terrible thing, but still...); being fake genius (that'll get you sued); fake devoted (major soul-sucking yuck for everyone involved.) Danielle La Porte
Today I embark on a new project that if you asked me last week, last year, in fact any ole time I would not even have dreamt that I would be on this road. Life is so delighted to bring the unexpected and I have learnt to be delighted to receive it, which is not to say that I am not scared shitless as I walk on this path, I have decided to feel the fear and do it anyway.
And what am I scared of? My ego! Yup, the ego rearing it's head wanting to "be better than", "do better than", "act better than"  to people please and of course the classic, will I complete the journey?

It doesn't matter how much potential you have or how many divine opportunities are laid before you, fear can zap your energy and stamina to move. The fear of rejection, failure and success will rage in your brain the moment your potential is called upon. In moments like this you must trust yourself that you can feel bad and recover. That you can survive mistakes that might make you look stupid. How you respond to fear when it rises determines how much you can trust yourself.
Trust yourself, trust yourself to know that you can and will confront it, walk through it and thrive.
And so today I remember what one of my teachers I met along my other journeys shared
"I need neither to add not to subtract from my essential being, for whom God created me to be is more than enough/ I walk forward today in perfect confidence that the holiness within me created by God, is the truth of my being and the light of the Universe"



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