We get stuck in the problem where we take the problem as a given, taking this problem to prayer. Often when we are trying to fix things we are trying to predetermine the outcome, what it should be and how it must look on the back end. And part of the fixing is the effort to manipulate and to control and to make sure that it comes this way or that way. But that is not how change comes.Where is the talk of possibility? Deborah L Johnson
I dwell in possibility!  This is an affirmation that I use often, because possibility opens the doors for miracles and a Course in Miracles say there is no order in the possibility in miracles. There is power in words you speak so speaking in possibility is also an outgrowth in dwelling in possibility. 
Over the last week the challenges I have been facing has pushed me back to this affirmation
I dwell in possibility
Because possibility leads to positive action- not just action, positive massive action.
Because possibility leads to faith.
Because possibility leads to working through the challenges.
It gives one the impetus to move, to see beyond the problem, the challenges, the difficult people, the stories, the drama.
Do you speak in problem or in possibility?
Be the possibility!


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