Hold it up to the light

A human being is a being with light in the mind . . . this light is your information, intelligence, insight, creativity, imagination and intuition. It infers a capacity beyond the response to any immediate circumstance . . . to conceptualize beyond events, and to discover a path unfettered by commonly held limits. The miracle of being human is a miracle of the space you hold in light, and the time you allow yourself to embrace the solutions contained in it. Guru Sing Yogi

I was having a conversation with one of my friends earlier today, and many times I avoid these conversations when I do not want to hear the truth! Deep down I appreciate my friend so much for being so open and honest with me, so although I many times get annoyed n the end I really do keep an open mind and engage in looking into this mirror disguised as a friend that the Universe has so lovingly and graciously provided to me. The truth, wow sometimes it really gets to you doesn't it? Am I alone in feeling this way? Anyways I digress

So we were chatting and the question was asked of me "What more do you want to prove that you are enough? what is it that you need to get again for proof? And just exactly who are you trying to prove it to?" Girl please, can you just use what you have right now and stop always trying to get and prove? You really need to stop!" 
I got very silent. I really did pause for that moment, hmmmm

The striving and getting is ambitious and expected with intent to better one's self when it starts moving into proving and showing and feeling inadequate then it is time to hold up and take a breath, take a pause
It really is all in the intent!
What is the intent behind your actions?
Is it bringing you peace? or happiness? or joy? or better health? or the exact opposite?
A course in miracles says "seek not outside yourself for it will fail, the search for anything outside of yourself will lead to idols" 

You sometimes really do not need to know more, to be more, to get more but simply to take the things that you know and have however little they may be and apply it EVERYWHERE!



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