You can never fool yourself

Be not afraid, therefore, for what you will be looking at is the source of fear, and you are beginning to learn that fear is not real. You are also learning that its effects can be dispelled merely by denying their reality. The next step is obviously to recognize that what has no effects does not exist. Laws do not operate in a vacuum, and what leads to nothing has not happened. If reality is recognized by its extension, what leads to nothing could not be real. Do not be afraid, then, to look upon fear, for it cannot be seen. ACIM

I give thanks in advance daily to the Universe for being courageous. I do it early in the morning because the fear comes up during the day to bite me on the butt! And usually the fear stems from people's perception of me, my choices, my life! Yep, that is a confession on the journey today!! 

And what I have noticed and learnt since I started affirming and asking to be courageous is that even though I feel the fear, especially when I believe something big is at steak, I still find a way to go through with the task, I may do it slower, I may do it in parts but I find a way and that was not something that happened before! 
And even if the thing that I do turns out differently, off from what I expected I still feel a sense of accomplishment because I would have learnt something and did the thing I feared
Someone told me on Friday that I am very unassuming, as some of the things I do and say do not fit with how I look. I thought about that for a moment and responded with a smile! Who can tell what someone will say or do by how they look? Its a trap I have fallen into many times so it was a reminder to not judge. 

Brutally honest -You can fool some people some time but you can never fool yourself! You can tell yourself almost anything to excuse away your fear. You might actually believe it for a while! But, there will come a time when the excuse will not be strong enough, or big enough to camouflage your fear. Eventually what you tell yourself will begin to sound so weak, so lame, so utterly ridiculous that you will have a hard time convincing yourself or anyone else that it is true. When that time comes, don’t be defensive. Be willing to face the thing you fear! 
It really is a freeing feeling!


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