Do not waste your failures

Do not waste your failures. (someone told me this I wrote it down but I cannot remember who did)

Life for me is extraordinary and exciting, a few years ago I believed, and no one could convince me otherwise, that I failed miserably because I lost my job and man(husband) - even though they were both sucking the life out of me, anyway I digress- so that was my perception and it fed into my behavior! But now I know for sure that everything in your life is useful, and all roads lead to God, some of us take the smooth road and some take the hard road but it all leads to the same place.

Do not waste your failures - use it as fuel to live your fullest life.

Got rejected? GREAT! You are being taught self-approval and persistence!

Got fired! Awesome! It’s a wake-up call and an opportunity to trade up to something more fulfilling!

You got broken up with! Wonderful moment to learn how to open your heart even more!

Out of money! YES! You are being taught that The Uni-verse is your supply and to not rely on just the outer world for your health, safety and protection.

Have to live at home? What a wonderful moment to stop with the social media and get back to loving!

Do not waste your failures - all things are lessons that God would have us learn.

So listen, this is not a call for you to bury your head in the sand and do nothing but as one of my friends told me this week, feel it, cuddle yourself if you must and move on.
Do not waste your failures!
And as I was contemplating this, my peeps from Kenya asked me to come to Nairobi to talk at their "Fail -Up" workshop - a workshop where lessons on how failure was part of the journey to success! How awesome is that? The Universe talks and I listen
Do not waste your failures!

I will be at the First Citizens Women's Workshop in October - come dong.....


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