There is nothing to defend

The ego focuses on error and overlooks truth. It makes real ,every mistake it perceives, and with characteristically circular reasoning concludes that because of the mistake consistent truth must be meaningless. ACIM

Are you focusing on the truth or on being right? Human beings love to defend their position and as we say here "not look bad in front of other people" 
The ego thrives on a sense of separation and protecting itself, the truth however needs no protection, the truth just is. 
There is nothing to defend
There is nothing to protect
There is nothing to hide
When you are moving in truth there is absolutely nothing to defend or justify.
And people will not understand if you are not reacting to certain events which to the human eyes look like provocation and bad behavior. And guess what? they don't have to understand, you know what the truth is and fueling the ego is playing into the sense of separation and according to one of my mentors, that is the only thing that we need to heal the sense of separation, which makes us act as if we are superior or even inferior.
The truth is the truth, it cannot be discredited


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