See you soon SVG

Don't be so caught up in your plan that you miss God's will- Jonathon Sprinkles

St Vincent was lovely, absolutely lovely, the people, the fruits. I absolutely love it, today is my last day and I am so grateful to be a part of something that is so inspiring in such a beautiful setting
I went into the forest yesterday, the terrain was tough and unexpected but oh boy the beauty was spectacular. Such simplicity but extraordinary! Every time I do something like this is reaffirms how much I love simplicity.

So what did I learn in SVG this week
1. There is extraordinary in the ordinary
2. Start with what you have
3. Water - powerful and peaceful - water is life
4. Communities and villages have a key role to play in the growth and development of any country
5. Allow people to be- we are all different, co-existence is a great thing
6. The fruits in SVG wow! abundant and overflowing and awesome!
7. We are all one, all of us are interconnected
8. Nature is the best teacher
9. Be present and enjoy the moment



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