And when we are tested.....

            And when we are tested
We must apply all that we have learned
All that we have studied
And all that we have been taught. Natalie Stewart

The tests have been coming,  and they thrown me off the track! I wanted
to run for cover, run in the cave and wait, to see if they would magically disappear! But, what
about all the lessons? I heard a voice say
What about putting into practice all that you have learnt on the journey?
Yea, what about it? Can I just do a written test?
Unfortunately not my friend, you must apply the lesson, be patient with yourself.

Tests build character

Strength comes not from doing what you can do but from doing the thing you believe you think
that you cannot.

Tests build strength

What ever the test is

Tests are situations in which you cannot predetermine the outcome in advance and many times
you aren't able to prepare.

Tests build faith and trust.

Faith and trust is knowing without a doubt that whatever it is, you can handle it and this too shall

Tests allow you to question beliefs that no longer serve you.

And the best thing about life is that we are not even required to get an A in these tests!
Just showing up alone you are halfway there


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