What story do you give your attention to?

We miss a great deal when we only pay attention to the story that’s been handed to us and we’re not intimately connected to the deeper story of who we really are Angel Kyodo Williams

Auto pilot, unconscious living! This is a side effect of  following the crowd, of not shaping your own mind, of not setting your own boundaries and rules, of playing the victim blame game. What is the story that you have accepted without questioning particularly the ones which have you stressed, unhappy, anxious , unhealthy, broke and  fed up?

Ask yourself, is it worth it? Are those feelings worth it? There is an alternative - changing the story and changing the feeling, and do you know what you want to feel? Have you ever explored that? 
As Chaka Khan nicely puts it- Do you love what you feel?

I know I know you want to be happy
News flash, happiness is never circumstance dependent.You may still complain about fear, but you nevertheless persist in making yourself fearful. Take responsibility - your  life and the feelings around it is not something that you ought to outsource. Fear will always rear its head, what will you do in response?
We have a tendency to even outsource blame. If something happens in our lives which we judge as bad or unsuccessful for many of us it is always someone else's fault, or someone else should really be doing something to help you achieve your goal or your dream. Really?? And what's left for you to do and own? What about the lesson it holds? Consider that for a moment. 

It is much easier to change what YOU are doing rather than to change what another is doing. Seek then to create change because the thing  you are doing is no longer makes an accurate statement of Who You Are rather than focusing on what you think people ought to be doing and what I ought to be doing.Use your life to create Yourself! Your statement.Your reflection. And this can start when you pay attention to the story that you either were given or the one you created


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