Love wishes to be known

Love wishes to be known, completely understood and shared. It has no secrets; nothing that it would keep apart and hide. It walks in sunlight, open-eyed and calm, in smiling welcome and in sincerity so simple and so obvious it cannot be misunderstood.

Love has no darkened temples where mysteries are kept obscure and hidden from the sun. It does not seek for power, but for relationships A Course in Miracles

If we all attempt to do all our tasks with love and live from a place of love I guarantee that there will be a shift in the planet?  
If we would show up willing to share, to understand and be understood, there will be a new day dawning, we may not achieve it the way we want to but we would have at least made an attempt to love, we would have been willing.

If we were willing  to be open-eyed and calm in our approach to situations and people how much of a difference would that make?

Where there is fear, there is no love. Fear shows up in so many forms - secrets, disquiet, rage, procrastination, overeating, excuses, lashing out, substance abuse, busyness, hiding from one's responsibility and the list goes on and on and on. Love wins.. every time.

So practice showing up in love, just be willing, willingness change things.
Be willing to pour love on the situation,
Be willing to have your eyes open  and be  calm
Be willing to practice a smiling welcome
Be willing to seek for relationships rather than dominate 
Be willing to just be willing


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