Say it with love

Saying something that pushes another person's buttons without the motive of healing isn't honesty. Ruth Clothworthy

Have you ever encountered someone who says to your face, "I am as straightforward as they come, I tell you like it is" almost in a threat! And when you see them in action they are unleashing bombs and grenades via their words? I never understood that. Why would one use the rationale of "being straightforward" to say anything to anyone at anytime? 
Words have power, so how we choose to use that power is quite important!
Not because we can talk we ought to say anything that comes to our mind to be funny, or to be liked or to be "straight forward" 
I am one not to waste words!
Say what you need to say in a way you would want to hear it - is my philosophy
Is it kind? Is it healing? Is it in love? Is it empowering? Is it the truth? Is it to gain clarity? 


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