Your sacred word is your promise

Your sacred word(s) is your promise. It’s a vow, an oath a commitment to yourself. An agreement you go into with your own self that you will do what you say you will do. Not religious, but taken as a divine and cherished words. Maxie McCoy

What are your sacred words? What's your personal vows to yourself? Do you have any?
Pay attention to the words you speak, how you describe yourself, how you carry on  your inner talk.
The key is paying attention
And when you do you can see what you tell yourself on a regular basis
How can you ever ever call yourself "stoopid" Oh I am so "stoopid" you may do stoopid things and there is a difference of doing a thing and being a thing

What words do you use to describe yourself regularly? Pay attention and then decide how you want to describe yourself.

What promises do you make to yourself?
What commitments do you make to yourself?
How do you want to be? Decide then do that
Living on autopilot is giving away your power
Claim it, do it, live it and remember how you describe yourself is sacred.


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