Choose change... it's easier that way

What every human being wants the most is to keep things the same. If you could maintain life at the level you're at now, you would. Change is scary. 
Whether you're fulfilled, miserable, or at rock bottom - you already know how to do it. There is no learning curve. All you have to do is keep doing what you're doing. Stagnant is effortless. 
It takes a massive amount of energy to grow. You may have to break a sweat. Discomfort is guaranteed. 
You can stay here, at least for a while. But life will not allow you to be stationary for very long. Choose change... it's easier that way. Stacy Herera

The quickest way to turn a bad situation into a blessing is to get excited! Yup get excited I said! Excitement is the opposite of anxiety. When faced with change, the fear rises up to the surface, the what if's, the monkey mind and it chatters and makes loads of noise!
But what I have learnt is that turning that anxiety into excitement ups the ante, t gives you something to look forward to, it changes the game! The same energy is used in a positive way but it takes practice, lots of practice and talking to yourself to slay the dragons, to show up with converted energy

Try it! See what happens.

Think about the knowledge you will gain, the new experiences, the memories, the friends, the laughs, isn't that exciting? 

In any situation I believe you have the right, power and ability to choose your experience. Rather than slip into fear, resentment and anger  choose to get excited! Excited that its gonna come to an end ,that life is trusting you to do the right thing and you will do my best no matter what happens!!
New dawn. New Day. Perfect moment to embrace change. 


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