Slowly gets you there

Leaps of faith happen as much in the small moments as they do in the large ones. Maxie Coy

Small steps, one drop, slowly gets you there, you eat the elephant one bite at a time,you may have heard one of these sayings at some point haven't you?
We tend to want things to happen right away, we live in the microwave instant time where we now have the luxury of instant for many things however there are some things that you absolutely cannot rush no matter what you do
Does the sun rush to set?
Does the moon rush to rise?
Nature can teach us so much

So I got to thinking about this having landed in St. Vincent yesterday, it seems the pause button was being held down from the time I landed, or maybe the place ran in slow motion and they forgot to put the sign up at the airport
After about an hour I said to myself, listen make a choice to ensure you maintain some level of peace! And so I was able to enjoy this beautiful place at their own pace, I mean what is the alternative?

Honor the pace sometimes especially when you have no control over it there is order in the Universe, honor the small steps you make, consistency and discipline trumps short cuts every time and the patient way is always the fastest path


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