Being you is effortless

Forcing yourself to be one way is a recipe for disaster. Striving to be anything other than who you are in this moment is self-destructive. It takes no effort to be you, being yourself is effortless. Stacy Herera

What an absolute waste of time being fake and pretending! Its exhausting!
Why would you want to act or be who you aren't? I mean there is only one of you here! and you are unique magnificent and powerful!
The people who are authentic are the ones who are the most peaceful - there is no pretense to "be"
You may have to walk alone for a bit
You may have to encourage and motivate yourself for a bit
You may have to make some tough decisions
But it will all be worth it

You are a sovereign being, free to do as you please. Your life is your canvas, free to design and tailor to your liking. 

Your choices impact others. Every decision has a ripple effect; but you are not responsible for how others respond to your decisions.

What is good for you is good for all, without exception. When you stand firm on your own truth, you cannot go wrong. 

Live from the space of authenticity, not pretense. Do not go along, to get along. Flex your independence. Autonomy is a good thing.



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