The Stand

the possibility of making an error should never, ever stop you from doing anything.

Don't ever be afraid of "not getting it right." In truth, there is no "right" way of doing anything...there is only the way you are doing it. So go ahead. Do it.
Nothing wonderful has ever been accomplished by anyone who was worried sick about it not being wonderful. NDW

To life:

Why are you afraid? What's it gonna do?
Scared that you may change, isn't that the truth?
Who are you to say? You're not gonna win
How'd you ever know if you just give in?
Tell me how will you know?
How will you know?
If you just give in, 

tell me 

how you'll grow?
Stand up, you better stand up, every time you fall down
Stand up, even if you're small
You can stand tall,

Believe in yourself or who's gonna?
If you never dream for yourself then who's gonna?
How you gonna do for yourself, how you gonna ...?
When you know you wanna prove it to yourself so you've gotta
Gotta make a change, rearrange if you want it
Make it to the top, this is your shot you've got this!
The spotlight  is all for you but you have to bring it
Bring your A game, your A team  because you want it, 
Stand up



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