I commit to me today that I will......

Are you interested, involved, invested or committed? Jonathon Sprinkles

Have you made any commitments to yourself? Look yourself in the eye and make one. Go on, try it, go look in the mirror and make a commitment to yourself, look yourself in the eye and say 
I commit to ___________
call your name when you do it

I _________ commit to you today that I will______________

And then see what happens.

When you make a COMMITMENT to yourself your whole brain and body shifts, because there is absolutely nothing worse than letting yourself down and breaking commitments to yourself, it starts the boundary breaker of other people doing the exact same thing!
When you let down yourself continuously you send out a message, a red flag to others, hey, you can do it too! 
When you look yourself in the eye and make a commitment and you keep it, the trust in yourself grows, you trust that you will do what you say that you will do, confidence grows, courage is activated, focused becomes a way of being, discipline also starts being a feature of your life
Just from looking your self in the eye and making a COMMITMENT!
Try it and tell me how it goes
curious minds want to know

I am off to the lovely island of St Vincent and the Grenadines today look for me on the other side.....


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