The most common mirror

This is my best lesson this week..... I have been moaning about some of the people around me and it hit me, the penny dropped " this is a mirror, a lesson of some sort" let me pay attention.

When you find yourself in a negative situation ask yourself: “What is this person reflecting back to me?” What behavior, thought or belief does this person have that I also need to heal within my own being?

There are usually 3 reasons for a mirror:
1. Someone is being a mirror for you to show you how you are thinking, feeling, behaving, vibrating. They are a reflection of a lesson you need to learn. Usually both people have the same core belief or issue that needs to be healed. Both are reflections for each other. This is the mirror most commonly used!

2.  You have volunteered on a soul level to be a mirror for someone else. Through their actions, words, beliefs etc… have chosen to hold the space for them so they could behave or react out of alignment and  “see” and “feel” the pain they have inflicted on you. IF they witness your pain and “acknowledge” their behavior they will be less likely to repeat the lesson again and will clear their karma. Through experience and consequences lessons are learned IF the person is willing to accept responsibility transcending the need to repeat the lesson in the future.

3. If you have done a lot of work on yourself, another person can reflect your progress. People will reflect back to you lessons you have recently moved through. They are seeking assistance from you to help shed light on the situation so they can also move forward without having to repeat the same lesson over and over. In this case, you provide a new perspective and are a lighthouse lighting the way for others helping them to bring their unconsciousness forward into the light of awareness so it can be healed.

Understand that mirrors are not about the “story”. The mirror is about the feelings and reactions the “story” provokes within us. Do not get hung up on the He said/ She said, “story”. 

Focus on the interaction and how it made you feel and how you wanted to react. The reflection is about the feeling that needs to be transformed within yourself. If there is no feeling or need to react there is nothing you need to transform. Look for the emotion!
If someone is mistreating you, ask yourself: “ How am I mistreating my soul or the soul of someone else? Where am I being abusive?

Ask yourself:
What is this person or circumstance trying to teach me?      
What behavior are they revealing that is a mirror of my behavior?
What negative thoughts and beliefs am I holding onto that need to be released?
What am I allowing to be drawn to me? Have I been negative or positive lately? Where am I holding my vibration?
Am I evolving or revolving? Where am I repeating the same things over and over? What is the pattern?
What is the gift (lesson) they are trying to give to me?
What is the gift (lesson) I am trying to give to another?



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