Day 3 Medellin

“It’s well known in wisdom communities that delays are not denials. Remember this at all times. Keep focused on what you can do in the moment, and if there is nothing to be done – you are being taught patience. Apply yourself everyday towards your deepest desire – work hard, then let go. This is how mastery is attained.”

- Jackson Kiddard, author & polymath.

I spent the entire day listening to people's stories of patience, endurance, success and setbacks
Entrepreneurs have been giving their stories of how they achieved their dreams and in all cases it involved hearing no, waiting and learning to discern who was "in their corner" 
Starting is the key, no amount of planning and talking will get you to this, action must take place and taking action involves courage and vulnerability
And so I thought today for everything on my own journey, courage and vulnerability. Courage over comfort and vulnerability over playing tough
Grateful for the lessons


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