I give thanks for the reminder

Wherever you are in life, IT'S A PROCESS. Creating success, finding your purpose, falling in love, breaking up, loosing weight, healing your heart, gaining more confidence, earning more money... WHATEVER it is that you are asking for or focused on IS HAPPENING. You will not be able to SEE all that is happening with your physical eye, but you must BELIEVE and use your faith while you are in the process. 
THINGS ARE WORKING! It is happening. Things are changing. Just BE PATIENT
. Love yourself through the journey and let the process find its completion.
IMPATIENCE will only prolong your process. It's like opening an oven while a cake is trying to bake. It will NEVER finish cooking all the way through. So calm down. RELAX. TRUST. And before you know it, this process will be OVER and you will receive all that you've been believing for.
Shanel Cooper Sykes

It's been a week of lessons!
Two community awards were given to me this week, I am still dripping with gratitude
The best part of the event in which I was the feature speaker were the 15 schools that attended with girls between the ages of 15 to 18 and we got an opportunity to speak after- so much promise and love and fun was had on Friday at the Hyatt with these young ladies- lessons reminding me of my responsibility to give back, to serve my country and my world!

I give thanks for the reminder


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