Second Chances

The most powerful pain remedy, elixir, solution, galvanizer, waker-upper, injection of strength is…gentleness Danielle La Porte

This piece is from Alex Elle - a top top truth teller, thank you for sharing Alex

 It's always good to give others the benefit of the doubt. We all make mistakes. We all seek forgiveness at times. The gift of a second chance is precious. What I've learned though, is to be cautious and sensible in giving it.
When relationships, (both love and friendship) are seriously unhealthy, the same things often happen repeatedly. You keep thinking that "this time" it will be different. If you find yourself looking over your shoulder, arguing over the same things, and feeling hurt over and over again, perhaps it's time to be more honest with yourself.
Are you clinging to the potential of what you hope for and disregarding the reality of what actually is?
Yes, second chances are important, but they should be sincerely asked for and earned.
They also entail mostly letting go of what was to build something new - something better.
You should never feel obligated to give a second chance.
It has to make sense.
It has to feel right in the innermost chambers of your heart.
Really contemplate it. Be smart. Be careful. And know this - when you release what no longer fits, you create space for something...for someone who will be far better suited for you.
You won't have to chase it and work so hard for it.
 In time, the right connections and experiences will come to you.
Let's take a chance on that.


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