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Loving yourself means you are willing not to participate in activities or with others who cannot give you what you need. When you tell the truth about what you want, you stand a better chance of getting it. If you withhold that truth in fear that you will not or cannot have it, chances are you will have a temporary experience of happiness at the expense of experiencing fulfillment and joy When we live at the highest vibration of who we are, we attract more of that vibration into our lives..Iyanla

The most honorable and loving thing you can do for yourself and those you love is to tell the truth. Telling the truth is a sign that you respect yourself and them. Respect is an essential ingredient of love. When you tell the truth about who you are, you provide others with the opportunity to know you and to be intimate with you.
Big big big lesson here for me.....
Vulnerability is just part of the whole thing, be willing to be vulnerable, it really is a sign of strength
The game, you know the one where we pretend to be "perfect" so that they will like us - work, friends,those we date or want to date
or the other one where we show up as someone else? the mask we keep to be liked and accepted
or maybe the game of not speaking up or asking for what we want to keep the peace or keep the other party "happy" 
Tell the truth
Show up as yourself
Its a risk yes it is but do it early, sift out the shit! get the lesson and get out the mess
or get the lesson and be at peace!


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