Fiercely Believe

Fiercely believe that you're exactly where you're supposed to be: trials, downers, challenges, hiccups and all. Believe past your current circumstance. Believe as big as your dreams. Believe with utter and unmatchable determination that you are enough. That your dreams will happen. That your heart will heal. That you will make it through another day. That this will all make sense later. That everything will be OK. That your impact will be great. Maxie McCoy

Unwavering faith - do you have unwavering faith in yourself, in your vision, in your dreams?
Not just faith, unwavering faith, the one that does not move, rock solid, the one that says to you when you are tired you take a rest and then as we say "wheel and come again"
Do you know what you know and that is enough for you to start, to move to act? just knowing that you have this level of unwavering faith and knowing?
This takes times to build, especially living in a world where people base things on what they can see, if it hasn't been done before or done by anyone around them it seems almost impossible.
For me, my self belief and unwavering faith journey started with the small things, I practice there, I practice on running one mile, and when I achieve it I feel really good, I try two miles and now I can run a 5k race no problem, don't ask me my time please lol I just finish the race without walking
I try it with chocolate, I love love love chocolate given a chance I eat it daily so I say "self, no chocolate today, and then today turns into two days and then three, my self belief grows so I get the courage to try it with big things, speaking in front of a huge crowd, finishing my books, starting my programmes
Its a work in progress,starting with the small things and knowing that when I am tired I can always wheel and come again, fresh and clean



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