Don't Hide

Don’t hide. Share your experience. Let the world know where you are and where you’ve been. There is no shame in breaking through. Your truth could very well trigger a breakthrough for someone else… and that’s cause for celebration! Stacey Herrera

Over the past few days I have been called upon to speak and chose to share my story as opposed to making a speech and many of the responses were "OMG you are so brave" "How can you tell people your story so easily" (as if!!) "I can't believe you said that"

I am sharing my story, I heard other people's stories and it healed me, it allowed me to grow and blossom and so I want to share my stories so that someone else can heal, grow and learn. Collectively this can transform where we are and by extension the world

So, share your story, in a way that is empowering, that is real, that is authentic, that is love


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