I just laugh

No, I don't regret a single moment,
No, I don't  looking back
When I think of all those disappointments
I just laugh, I just laugh - Aretha Franklin

Just when I thought that February was one of my most testing and challenging months for years, the tide changed in March
Just when I thought that the seeds I had planted were dying and needed a heavy dose of fertilizer and water, a flower peeked through
Just as I thought about taking an extended break, I was reminded that the night is for a reason, and will not last, that faith and self belief trumps all, that patience is a skill and angels are everywhere looking out for you but sometimes we don't give them a chance to do what they are supposed to do.

This past week was an awesomely fun one, I have been nominated for two awards, one from my country and another one from Barbados in recognition of International Women's Day tomorrow
This is to me such a proud moment, one in which I cherish and look back think of the disappointments and just laugh, a loud hearty scandalous one!

Keep going, keep believing, keep planting those seeds, then rock back and laugh!


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