Feel it all

The average human life, we see, is trying to avoid and run from the inner toil of fear and the threat of misery. Everyone's self esteem is threatened both within and without. We have become afraid of our inner feelings because they hold such a massive amount of negativity that we fear that we would be overwhelmed by it if we were to take a deeper look, we have three major ways of handling feelings, suppression, expression and escape - David R Hawkins

Feel, feel it all. A great lesson
Feel it all meant encouraging the feeling I was experiencing at the moment to rise to the surface and respond (not react) to it in a healthy way
You see, I blocked them out, I let it fester but feelings buried alive never die
And what I have learnt in the process of feeling it, feeling it all is that Ideal with it and I can let it go and make room for something else, I feel lighter, I feel healthier, there are no headaches, back pains, migranes, flu like symtoms, there is me dealing with the feeling and moving da hell on. And this was super scary for me, let me tell you!! My thoughts would go buck wild, what if "they" don't like me again? What if I lose my friends, job, opportunity,relationship, what if I cannot deal with the pain or the consequences of the action. Hey so what? So what? the trade off is I am light, healthy and learnt from it.
And so I go, feeling it, feeling it all
And as we say here in Trinidad, "who vex lorse"



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