What if?

Lift your head up high and scream out to the world I know  I am someone then let the truth unfold Micheal Jackson

What if we all decide to believe that we are incredible human beings capable of doing incredible things?
What if we all decide that our bodies can do what ever our minds direct it to do?
What if we decide not to outsource our happiness and take responsibility for it?
What if we believe that "this too shall pass" and let "it" go?
What if we believe  that we can dream big dreams and then go one step further and believe that we can in fact achieve the dreams we dream
What if we decide that we are all one and act accordingly?
What if we decide to stop the judgement of other people and focus on our own lives?
What if we decide to mind our own business?
What if we pour love on it?
What if we decide not to take things personally all the time? (this one tough for me!!)
What if......


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