you never know what's coming next!

Take a risk each day - one small or bold stroke that will make you feel great once you've done it.
Even if it doesn't work out the way you wanted it to, at least you've tried.
Life is huge! And, like life itself ... you never know what's coming next!

Susan Jeffers

The NiNa Programme for Young Entrepreneurs started last month, this cycle has 16 young ladies, some of the most brilliant and articulate sisters between the ages of 16-17 that I have the pleasure of being with every week. I learn so much from them, I look forward to the sessions and come away feeling refreshed and renewed. Today's session, I walked into the room and surprise- each of the 16 cooked a dish, the table was set and we sat together and ate from each of the 16 dishes (well truth be told I skipped some because I am a vegetarian and those sisters love their chicken and lamb!) I was so blown away by the gesture, it was an opportunity to sit and chat over a meal, a simple act which brings so much joy! I had to thank them for taking the initiative, the time and the effort to prepare all those lovely dishes!
Some of them having cooked for the first time- a few laid on the disclaimers hard! but the took the risk to show up with their dishes to share, to laugh and to show that making an attempt is important.
I truly feel blessed to be a part of their lives even if for a short time.
I think this will now become a tradition of the NiNa Programme


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