Day 7 Medellin

Your words are massive power. What are you using them for? Maxie Mccoy

Today I went to the favellas in Medellin, what a fascinating experience, to get there I took the most amazing cable car that took me above the City, it almost seemed that I was on the roof of the houses as we climbed higher and higher up! And it was quite inexpensive as well. Well done to the city for now considered to be one of the safest big cities in Latin America, with character, nightlife and public art that any urban area would envy. The cable car  offers visitors possibly the least expensive but most comprehensive and photogenic city tour in the world.Prior to the completion of the cable cars, people stranded in the favelas wanting access to jobs, education, healthcare and even basic shopping had to make a slow and arduous journey down the mountainside to get into the city. Sporadic and unpredictable buses were available in some areas, but mostly people walked – sometimes for hours. This isolation, depravation and hopelessness contributed substantially to Medellín's famous and now rapidly fading history of crime and violence.
The Metrocable has made commuting from even the furthest edges of the favelas a quick, affordable and scenic journey, travelling over the mountain and down into the valley where it seamlessly connects with the trains. Access to the system, including transfers between the trains and Metrocables, which effectively allows for an orientation tour of the entire city, is a refreshingly inexpensive 1750 pesos -- or about $1.
Absolutely amazing and awesome work by the City!


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