You become lighter

If you are emotionally blocked and you cannot, or do not know what you feel or have blocked what you feel so effectively that you become emotionless,  you become a negative person, and you create a physically diseased body. By keeping your emotions clear emotional negativity does not reside in you, and you become lighter and lighter Gary Zukav

One of the best lessons on the journey that I have received thus far is "refuse to look at situations that are happening in your life as something happening TO YOU but as something that is happening FOR YOU"
I remind myself of this lesson and with it I ask " what is this situation for?" it changes the dynamics of how I approach a challenging situation, or when I am feeling in a funky funk.
What is this for? What is the lesson here? What am I in fear of? What am I not paying attention to? Or maybe what am I paying too much attention to? And part of all this are the signals that our emotions give us. Our emotions trigger  something is right, something is not right. Blocking them and doing so  continuously contributes to all sorts of drama!  We tend to run from  discomfort as human beings, we really just want to feel good and why not? feeling good is awesomely awesome unfortunately blocking so called "bad" feelings is not a sustainable move,  and with that we look for artificial ways to "feel good" when the discomfort surfaces. Acknowledge the feeling, ride the wave and let it pass. 
We have the power to let it go and choose to make the next best decision based on love not fear and to remember that it is hapening for us not to us


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