Release it

We must be constantly reaffirming our dislike of a situation in order to keep it around. When we release our attachment to the problem or to the cause of the problem (all causes are in our mind, not "out there") healing is the result. That is nature’s way. Ruth Clothworthy

Releasing a matter is tough when one wants to be in control and have things their way. It is tough because sometimes we feel wrong, or small or maybe even threatened. We tell the story over and over again like a broken record, Telling the story is good and encouraged to get it off your chest and acknowledge what is happening
But how do tell the story?
One of the lessons I will always remember is to "tell your story in a way that will empower you and empower others, otherwise don't keep telling that victim story over and over again" And so I am very mindful of how I tell a story, how I tell my story, because stories have power and healing and lessons attached, it is up to us to tell it in that way and believe in them
Part of telling the story is releasing the judgement! of everything and everyone especially ourselves.
Look for the good, speak it into being because trust me this too shall pass


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