Do what you say

Do what you say you’re going to do- this is the single most powerful behavior for success Danielle La Porte
Okay confessions on the journey, Billy Bull shitters, I run from them! you know the ones who always profess that they can do something and never does, or the ones who say they will do something and when the time comes to do its always a stoopid excuse? I run from those types, they annoy me! Yes, I am working on reducing the level of annoyance...
So why just not say I am unable to do it, or stay quiet
What about the ones who are afraid to say the truth and make up some other type of BS then disappear? The truth hurts yea but find a way - they say social media gives us balls, try that medium to deliver the message if you cannot do it face to face
These are my confessions..... 
Thank you for listenening
Have a super Saturday


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