Are you a settler?

It takes more than diamonds to woo meIt takes more than money to move me
It takes more than material things
It takes more than cars to get me where I need to go
Don't stop the flow - Jill Scott

Someone asked me today about advice about men. Well I must admit that I was stumped by the question. I joked "Hey, maybe you didn't notice that I am manless" We had a hearty laugh
and then the silence that followed when you know you just devalued your own self and the other person agreed and felt awkward!

We started discussing settling and why we settle, all sorts of reasons came up, not being lonely, age, society, mistaking "it" for love, parent's pressure, rituals, society, time running out yadda yadda yadda
And then the silence came again
OMG!! we really do that to ourselves? We settle!!! Bam- hit us straight to the face
We settle when there is no self love - plain and simple
Make excuses
Accept bad behavior
Accept lies

We settle when we start a relationship as a crutch
Make excuses
Lose patience
Want to show the world that we can get a partner
Want to show our friends that we are happy

We settle when our partner tells us it's complicated
wait a bit - until the kids are grown 
until they do their exams
until the partner is stronger to handle it
until the mortgage is paid

Are you a settler? And if you are? ask yourself why


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