Stop Doubting

  1. If you're doing the right thing. You are.
  2. If you're lost. You're not.
  3. If you're enough. You are.
  4. If it will work out. Somehow, it always does.
  5. If you're too much. Never. Moving on.
  6. If they like you. Like yourself and they will. 
  7. If you made the right decision. All wrong ones lead us to the right ones. So, yes.
  8. If you look big in that dress. Couldn't matter less. You're beautiful.
  9. If you're standing out like a sore thumb. Hopefully. No one needs another them. 
  10. If you're being too emotional. Emotions are good. Roll with them.
  11. If you're overthinking it. Maybe. But you had to do it to know.
  12. If you'll make an ass out of yourself. Nope. Not your style.
  13. If you'll fail big time. Maybe. But you'll get back up. 
  14. If they'll tell you no. If so, you'll be on step closer to a wild yes.
  15. If you're saying the right things. Breathe and say them. The right words will come when you relax.
  16. If you'll ever hear from them again. If not, their loss.
  17. If it'll end how you want it. That which is meant for you will not pass you by.
  18. If your outfit looks OK. If you think it does, no one will give a damn.
  19. If you're out of your league. You're playing in it, so no. 
  20. If you're doing enough. Trust the process. 
  21. If you're spending time with the right people. All you need to know is if they energize you or not.
  22. If you're ever going to get to where you want to be. Yes. And be grateful for where you are right now.
  23. If you're pretty/cool/casual enough. They'll like you for you. Worry about that
  24. If you're smart enough to nail this. Yup. You've got all the tools in that shed and then some.
  25. If you deserve to be here. Always a yes. Always

Thank you Ms McCoy for the reminder


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