Expect the unexpected

change can be tough. As humans we are attached to things being our way — even the small things. Dr Christiane Northrup

I found myself saying this statement many times over the past few months " I don't like fuss, I really don't" and in paying attention I learnt that the more I talk about fuss - which I lump into unnecessary worry and movements to achieve and get to a goal or achieve a task, looking to control a situation unnecessarily and stressing out people with this perception of control. Newsflash- life is easier when you accept that there are things that will happen that you have no control over and it will not affect your efficiency, your worth, your inner self. Like for example - if people who signed up to attend a workshop do not come or call - nothing to do with you, who ever is present is supposed to be there
So yes, the more I talk about not liking fuss, I find myself more and more in a fuss fest.
And here is the lesson- talk about what you want, affirm it, because what you focus on grows.
Recognize that your thoughts matter, and takes form on some level. You cannot diminish the power of your mind- you can misuse the power of your mind
What are we using our mind for
and everything changes
expect the unexpected , and then handle it


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