Life is the best gig around.

Life is the best gig around. Even the sucky days have something to offer us. It’s natural to sink into the mud of our mortal humanness from time to time, but think of it this way—all rich dirt creates new life. You just might not see it right away. - Kris Carr

I love the excitement of facing a new day, as much as I plan what I want to do, you know what they say about the best laid plans? Every day to me is an adventure, I know life is delighted to bring me the unexpected. How boring would it be if I knew everything that was going to happen. 
Life - life happens, no matter what we do, the cycles of life go around and around, I reminded myself of that today - it's just life chic! Don't get to wrapped up in the analytics- do your best, live your truth and love yourself

It is so easy for me to get caught up in what is not happening and what is taking too long- I am looking to secure a sponsor for my upcoming NYC book tour, this means me being ready and willing to hear NO!
Rejection- hearing no makes me feel ill, I am being honest- I will wait and wait to make a move on work, life and love to avoid a NO! I know it is par for the course in life - but boy oh boy - it makes me feel like a pile of crap. And so I remind myself that it is part of the adventure and part of this lovely journey called life so I have decided to eat the No's like Cheerios, suck it up and move full speed ahead to asking and contacting the proposed companies
Life is indeed the best gig
Look out for me in NYC in July 2016


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