Changing my mind

Sometimes you just have to let everything fall apart Pema Chodron

So I admit I am a recovering fixer, I would jump in and fix it, any thing that seemed to be going astray, off plan, off course in my made up world of perfection I would be on it in a flash
There was not supposed to be any problems around me, absolutely none! It was what I believed I had to do to keep my life "together".
I thought I was doing well, until I couldn't fix something, then I thought "oh my, I am failing at this thing called life"
I wasn't.
So after much internal struggle I said one day - let me see what will happen if I do not run in like Wonder Woman and fix this

Usually we feel that there's a large problem and we have to fix it.
The instruction is to stop
Do something unfamiliar
Do anything besides rushing off in the same old direction, up to the same old tricks

I learnt that changing my mind, changes my situation


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